The NetNewsTicker is a small program which indicates available RSS-feeds as a horizontal or vertical scrolling text.

Anno 2006

This software is inspired by the program KNewsticker which was written for the Linux operating system with the KDE desktop.
In my job I seat Linux and know, hence, the KNewsticker. I got used very much to the way that the headlines of the RSS feeds ‘scroll through’. This takes away little space and one can look during the work sometimes now and again at the scrolling text. If an interesting message is found, one simply clicks on it and the whole news story opens in the web browser.

Because I seat, however, also partial Microsoft Windows as an operating system, I have searched some time in the Internet to find a similar solution also for Windows. Unfortunately, no program that I found in such a way has fulfilled my demands. From then on the idea was born, to develop this kind of software I needed.
Because my program-technical abilities were delimited in contact with the programming language c# and.NET Framework still very much, offered also at the same time as an extension of my practical knowledge.
The name NetNewsTicker arises from the fact, that this program uses the.NET-Framework.

A few years later…

Since I also migrated my private digital existence from Windows to Linux, I have stopped developing the NetNewsTicker for Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Because, however, the good old KNewsTicker was not developed meanwhile any more and was not adapted therefore also to the successor to KDE 3.5. So I took on the challenge to develop the NetNewsTicker for KDE 4 as an adequate successor of the KNewsTicker.

With this the history of the NetNewsTicker goes on…

Published on Wednesday December 27th, 2006
Modified on Thursday November 18th, 2010

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